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ID Scanner for Venues in Australia

An ID scanner in your venue is an essential business tool for safety and providing valuable intelligence on your venues performance and promotions.

Venues that use PatronScan ID scanners promote a safe night out strategy which creates a feel good venue environment of safety and good behaviour.

A trouble free atmosphere has a positive feel and increases patrons to your venue.

Violent incidents and anti-social behaviour in venues draws the attention of media and law enforcement. This can result in poor patron attendance and strict controls or fines being placed on the venue.

A PatronScan ID scanner can be a key strategy in stopping anti-social behaviour in your venue.

As Patrons enter your venue they present there Photo ID or Passport at the scanner and are scanned in. This provides a record of the Patrons First Name Surname and Date of Birth, all within the guidelines of the Commonwealth Privacy Act meaning each patron can be identified if an anti-social incident occurs.

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How PatronScan Works


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Why People Commit Crime

Rational Choice Theory: People generally act in their self-interest and make decisions to commit crime after weighing the potential risks (including getting caught and punished) against the rewards.

With the PatronScan ID scanner you can easily identify previously banned patrons or patrons that have been banned from other venues from within our network for anti-social behaviour, creating a powerful tool to keep your venue safe.

Identify fake IDs and avoid law enforcement penalties for letting in minors into your venue.

PatronScan ID scanners are not just a valuable safety strategy. The PatronScan ID scanner has a number of modules that can assist in the overall patron experience and provide you as the venue operator valuable intelligence on your business operations.

  • Complete Guestlist system
  • Promoter Tracking and reports
  • Business Intelligence reports
  • Smartphone applications for remote monitoring
  • SMS Alerts for venue managers
  • Marketing facilities via SMS and e-mail to venue members
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