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Catching Fake IDs with an ID Scanner

Everyone who is responsible for keeping minors from entering a licensed venue in Australia knows that fake IDs range from low quality novelty IDs to highly sophisticated counterfeit duplicate IDs. A good fake ID scanner will spot most low quality fake IDs, but may have difficult detecting highly sophisticated fake IDs. Fortunately, a good fake ID scanner like PatronScan will show challenge questions to door staff they can use if they suspect that an ID might be a high quality fake, even if it passed the scan. Challenge questions give door staff in Australia the ability to challenge the patron presenting the ID with questions like the zodiac sign, area code, and state nickname relating to the ID presented.

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Australia’s Best Fake ID Scanner

Using a fake ID scanner will help to deter underage patrons from entering your venue. Using a fake ID scanner that can cross match different Australian and international IDs, as well as catch ID passing will have a significant impact on minors trying to enter your venue. Using a fake ID scanner that scans the face of the ID, and uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can give you the best tool available to catch minors trying to enter your nightclub.

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Fake ID Tactics

There are many tactics that minors use to enter nightclubs and illegally consume alcohol. Most popular is to buy a fake ID. Fake IDs can be bought online. There are two categories of fake IDs, novelty IDs, which are created and sold in Australia, and high quality fake IDs that are created overseas and sold illegally online. To detect high quality fake IDs, you need a high quality fake ID scanner, like PatronScan. Check out the section below about fake ID scanners to learn how PatronScan can give you the best security advantage against fake IDs.

Minors also use a tactic called ID passing. This happens when one ID is passed to more than one person through security. An older sibling or friend will pass through security first, using their own ID, which is legitimate and shows them to be of age. This person will then pass their ID to a minor, who will go through the entrance and present this ID to enter the licensed venue. Check out the section below about ID passing to learn how PatronScan fake ID scanners will catch people who pass IDs in Australia.

ID sharing is also used to sneak underage patrons into bars and clubs in Australia. An adult will obtain a duplicate ID by claiming they lost their primary one, or share a second piece of ID, such as a passport, with an underage person, so that they can use the ID to pass through security. Read the section below on ID passing to learn how the PatronScan fake ID scanner can catch people who share IDs.

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Fake ID Detection

Optical ID Scanners are the most powerful method of fake ID detection in Australia. Every form of ID have legible characters on the front of the ID. Optical scanners will scan the face of the ID, and use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read each of the fields of the ID. This is the most powerful form of fake ID detection, as it is very difficult to make an exact copy of a legitimate government issued ID, and fairly easy to identify a fake ID, even if it is a high quality fake.

Using a fake ID scanner that uses optical scanning and OCR technology is your best defense against fake IDs. An additional advantage is that it can scan a much larger variety of ID types, such as passports, and foreign driver’s licenses that may not have a barcode or magnetic strip.

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