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PatronScan Entrance Control

PatronScan is a fully secure and affordable system for visitor management to your facility. It is also a key security incident mitigation measure as well as a post-incident investigation tool. Our ID scanning system is fully privacy compliant.

PatronScan gives you the ability to:

  • Identify unwanted visitors
  • Track who is in your facility at all times
  • Verify which visitors are coming and going
  • Register your visitors
  • Print custom badges

PatronScan captures a live image from every person scanning in so you can verify their identity. Looking for security reports? Our system provides outstanding reports about visitors coming and going from your facility, making it easy for you to identify security threats.

Our system simply uses any government-issued ID to verify the identity of your visitors. Create a watchlist of past employees and potential threats and you will be notified if they attempt to enter your secure zone.

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Secure Zone Controlled Entry System

Do you have a need to identify all visitors and employees entering and leaving your secure zone? PatronScan uses each person’s government issued ID to identify them and record their entry and exit.

The system is simple to operate and highly effective. Simply place the ID on the scanning bed and press the “Scan ID” button. The ID will be scanned in less than 3 seconds. The identity of the individual scanned in will be cross matched against all authorized entrants, and alert security if any unauthorized entry is attempted.

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Visitor Security

Most organizations need a system in place to identify, assess, and control visitor access to their secure zone. Using PatronScan provides an easy and quick way to provide access to visitors while denying access immediately to unauthorized visitors. Your visitors will simply have their government issued ID scanned upon entry and exit.

Create a visitor list in our system, and enter the visitors first and last name, as well as their age. Determine the window of time that they are allowed entry. The system will alert security if the visitor tries to enter before their authorized time, and alert security if the visitor does not sign out before their authorized time expires.

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Prevent Unauthorized Entry

PatronScan ID Controlled Entry system is set to automatically alert security to any scanned ID that is not on the authorized entry list. Lost and stolen company access cards pose a security threat. Using an individual’s government issued ID makes it nearly impossible for the wrong person to gain access to your secure zone by using the ID card of another individual. We capture a live image of each person as they enter your secure zone, making it easy to compare the person against the ID they present. Easily spot potential threats by comparing the live image against the image on the government issued ID.

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Track All Entrants

Controlling your secure zone requires both real time access to each person’s access level, as well as detailed access reports. We provide you with daily reports outlining who entered your secure zone, how long they were there, and when they left. We will also highlight repeat entrances, so you can spot patterns and determine appropriate access to each employee and visitor.

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Control Employee Access

Worried about employees accessing your secure zone outside of their work hours? Simply set shift access hours and your employees will only be able to pass through your secured entry point in the time window you set.

When an employee departs, place them on a former employee list. You will be notified if they attempt to enter your secure zone.

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Prevention is Key

Simply placing a PatronScan ID scanner at your entrance sends a message to anyone thinking about breaching your security that they will be caught. Make a statement that your secured zone has a high security access control and prevent potential threats from making any attempt.

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